We want to thank you!!

Well the 2023 haunt season has come to end.  We had a couple of obstacles in the very beginning and the weather was not in our favor for as many nights as we wanted.  HOWEVER  we made it work and had a great time, and from our feedback customers enjoyed the experiance as much as we did.

We already in the works, planning improvements for next season.


Thank you All and see you next October!

Haunt Season Is Here

Be sure to check us out this year and take part in our 5 attractions for only $30 per person.

You can get your tickets by clicking on the button on top of the page.

Getting Closer…

We are getting closer and closer, we are Very Excited.  We wanted to let you know that we will be at the
168TH BLOOMSBURG FAIR.  This year the fair is September 22 – September 30, 2023,  you will be
able to find The Haunted Woods Of Council Cup at the fair on 12th street over by machinery row.

We will be offering exclusive VIP passes to The Haunted Woods.  These passes will only be available at
the fair. Our nightly capacity is 300,  these passes guarantee that you get through all attractions the night
you arrive.

Oh and here is another pic of our newest attraction. The haunted house.

Haunt Season 2023 !!

We are fastly approaching the start of our haunt at The Haunted Woods Of Council Cup !

We have quite a few changes this year to improve your experience. Firstly we are adding a
haunted house into the haunt, streamlined a couple of the other parts of the haunt. So now
5 differant parts of the haunt. We have also changed all the prices, last year the price was
20 per attraction, this year the price will be 30 bucks and will include ALL attractions.

We will be open on Fridays and Saturdays only, no Sundays scheduled this year, We will
be open EVERY FRIDAY AND SATURDAY in October. This year online reservations will be
available (in a few days),
but not necessary. Stay tuned for more updates!!

Welcome To Haunt Season 2023!!

Hey everyone..

The 2023 Haunt Season is approaching, this website as well as The Haunted Woods Of Council Cup will be getting some AWESOME changes. The Haunt this year will have a new attraction, adjusted prices to provide more haunt value for your dollar, and also the scheduled days will be changing. Please check back often to follow along with the excited changes coming..

Thank You All

We Had A Blast!

Well the haunting season has sadly come to an end. We hope you enjoyed The Haunted Woods Of Council Cup as much as we did. We are very excited and already in the early planning stages for next year.

We want to thank all of those who came out and supported us in our first year, and promise all that next year will be even better!

If you visited us please leave a review in the comments box below any post.

Get Spooked

It’s Friday, time for a trip through The Haunted Woods Of Council Cup! Come check us out, the weather is great for a wander through a spooky corn maze or a hay ride, and check out the graveyard!!

Purge Actors

The actors and patrons are having a great time at The Haunted Woods Of Council Cup. Sadly the weather on Sunday caused us to cancel, but we will be back in action on Friday October 7. Be sure to make your reservations and come see us.

Reservations are live !!

Please see our reservations page to schedule your trip to The Haunted Woods Of Council Cup!

You will see a button that says reservations on the site in a few places, simply click the button and you will go to our reservations page. There you will see brief instructions, and the form for the reservations. Once you click submit you will be taken to a paypal page for payment. Please be sure to continue all the way until payment is complete to be sure your spots are reserved.